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5:48 am 12th March 2010

The album has been released.. God is great.

7:55 am 19th June 2009

Hey ,
Hope all of you are doing well . We thought it was time to let you know why we still haven't put out the album , we're sure most of you are probably not even interested in knowing , as we've made too many promises and hardly ever kept any . Unfortunately , all our promises before last year weren't kept as we were constantly trying to make the album sound as good as possible . But late last year , we got done with the album and the video , and early this year , they were ready to be out there . Ever since then , we've been hearing from the Record Label how they'll put them out there soon . Call it the biased system of our industry , or lack of keeping promises , whatever it is , i guess it all boils down to the fact that we owe you an apology for the delay , but are grateful at the same time for the patience you've shown alongside the undying support . We are still unsure of the release of the album , but just have our fingers crossed and are hoping that it will be soon .

Thank you so much ,
God Bless .


3:10 am 5th November 2007

We just finished updating our website.. giving it a new look! so we thought we'd write a journal entry since it had been a while! These days, we wake up.. we goto the studio.. work on the album.. come back home and sleep.. the album has reached it's final stages of production.. we would really like to thank everyone for their patience.. we've worked really hard on this album and Inshallah when it's out, you'll realise that it was totally worth the wait.. that is our promise to you! a note of gratitude towards everyone who has helped us in the creation of Gunkali.. and thank you God, for letting us be so close to the album completion.

10:32 am 9th March 2007

People! Thank you SO much for appreciating the new song/video.. Tere pyaar mein, turned out great.. 3 cheers for Umar Anwar!! If you liked this song, then you will love the album which is due soon Inshallah. Please do join our forums and give us your feedback regarding our work. Once again, thank you.. love and much respect. God bless you all

4:01 pm 27th August 2006

The night we got the award, we can't explain.. it was seriously beyond words.. Thank you everyone, all our beautiful fans. yes, we're talking about you.. the person whose reading this right now.. thanks for all the love and support. Next step, the album launch.. and so the countdown begins..

3:21 pm 17th May 2006

Hats off to Umar Amanullah.. we personally love the new video.. hopefully you guys like it aswell. Once again.. we thank you for all your patience.. you know how the industry works.. A special note of gratitude goes out to Faisal Qureshi.. for making this video possible and for producing an amazing 'making of the video'. And now for the answer to everyone's question.. the next step for us is the completion of the album.. and if everything works out according to plan.. the album launch will take place before august. Inshallah!
take care.. and be good

4:15 pm 18th January 2006

The second video shoot, for our song 'Choti Khushiyan', took place yesterday. The director for the video was Umar Amanullah. The shoot took place in a time span of 12 hours.. from 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening.. The cast for the video will not be revealed at the moment.. let's just say we want to keep that a surprise! It was great working with Umar bhai.. and hopefully you guys will like the video

7:06 pm 11th December 2005

Jaffer has returned from his tour of England.. He had gone there for a music workshop arranged by the british council.. now we're gonna do nothing except work on the album and Inshallah complete it by the end of Jan 2006.. we're even having this contest in collaboration with we will keep on having many more contests in the future.. that's all for now!

6:39 pm 12th November 2005

Bachpan's video has been launched.. and finally.. the day has come.. we can't even begin to explain what we're feeling right now.. Thankyou Allah for this moment.. we've been waiting for it since the last 7years.. Thank you all for your patience.. Thank you!
- love you all