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Jaffer took his first step at age one. Five minutes later he learnt how to run. Ten minutes later he banged on the keys of a toy piano and alas a musician was born. Jaffer’s love affair with music began with his first seduction of the grand piano, which continued alongside his keyboard compositions. Even during his early experimentation with professional compositions, Jaffer remained engrossed in his education and never expected his passion to become his career. A few years later, he could not believe that he had never considered it. What started four years ago as meditation now found the attached label of a professional career for Jaffer. Through his music Jaffer wanted to bring a new sound to the already existing dimensions in the Pakistani music industry, his main interest being orchestral music. This journey turned into one of self discovery as he mastered his talent to sing as well as continuing to compose, often collaborating with different artists on various projects, composing music for their albums as well as composing melodies which would later form jingles that are just as contagious as his songs. Accompanying him on his personal journey, which is now popularly known as Kaavish, is his fellow band mate Maaz.

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If Maaz’s cousin hadn’t let him experiment with all of his instruments music might have never been an option. Maaz led a solitary journey experimenting in music until he met Jaffer. These modest beginnings took off in the 9th grade with the two of them playing at school concerts and in underground shows with Maaz’s voice accompanying Jaffer’s. This friendship that progressed over eight years slowly built a path from singing in front of the mirror to giving them a platform to express themselves on international level. As he now leaps into the world of fame and stardom, Maaz continues to work towards his MBA as well as his versatility in the field of music. As far as his musical career is concerned, Maaz feels that he is growing along with his band. Afterall, Kaavish in its true essence is the struggle to achieve the highest point- fortunately; this talented band has time on their side.

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